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Clinical Naturopathy

Clinical naturopathy is a contemporary, westernised branch of traditional, holistic natural medicine. It combines the knowledge of long-established traditional medicine with the latest evidence-based clinical research in the fields of natural medicine and nutrition.


A combination of herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutritional medicine, clinical naturopathy utilises both Western and Eastern diagnostic methods. Treatment plans are formulated using solely natural agents derived from herbal, homeopathic and nutritional medicinal practices.


Clinical naturopaths undergo four-year, full time education courses which mirror conventional medicine training in terms of disease pattern recognition. However, naturopathic treatment training focuses on the use of natural agents and alternative therapies in place of conventional treatment.


By being trained in a large number of medicinal modalities – including herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional medicine, celloid mineral therapy, energetic medicine and massage – clinical naturopaths are able to treat a broad spectrum of both acute and chronic conditions. They also make use of a wide range of diagnostic tools such as iridology and tongue diagnosis (alongside conventional blood testing) to help identify any health issues patients might have.


For patients to achieve an optimal level of health, clinical naturopathy treats the underlying causes of bodily ailments that may be a result of genetic predispositions, dietary imbalances or unhealthy lifestyles. Naturopathic treatments avoid the use of drugs and surgery, and instead focus on lifestyle and diet modifications that make use of natural agents such as herbs, vitamins and minerals.


Clinical naturopathy is a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and maintain its wellness.


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