Naturopathic Solutions | Clinical Nutrition
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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is a medical discipline which examines the relationship between food and health by studying how the human body digests, absorbs, transports, metabolises, stores and eliminates different nutrients.


Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the body’s normal metabolism, growth, and development. Clinical nutrition is constantly evolving thanks to continued clinical research into the effectiveness of individual nutrients, phytocompounds and whole foods on the prevention and treatment of disease.


Recently the field of clinical nutrition has expanded and diversified. Nutrigenics and nutrigenomics – a pair of medical methodologies focused on elucidating the relationship between nutritional molecules, genes and genetic polymorphisms – highlight the beneficial link between diet personalisation and the optimisation of health.


Even though the term ‘nutritional supplement’ traditionally refers to certain vitamins and minerals used to maintain health and treat illness, thanks to improving and increasing research, clinical nutrition can now offer much more complex and specific supplement combinations which include plant derivatives and other disease-fighting compounds.


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