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Tailor Made Detoxification



Our unique wholistic detoxification program is one of the most comprehensive cleansing programs on the market. With the duration of 8 weeks it is always tailored to client’s presenting symptoms to assure the maximal cleansing effect as it is our believe every person should be always treated individually. Your individual body composition, predispositions, lifestyle and other factors will shape the strengths and weaknesses of your body. It is our aim to find these, work with them and balance the body out as effectively as possible.


With focus on the areas showing most imbalance, our detoxification program always cleanses the entire body and all systems and organs involved in processing toxins (liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatics, skin, lungs).

You will be provided with a diet plan, food recipes, shopping list and an ongoing guidance and support during the 8 week period.


In addition to your own individual detoxification plan you may choose to take recommended supplements carefully chosen to compliment the cleanse according to your symptoms. These will help your body to cleanse more effectively and efficiently.


Detoxification is time of enjoyment and nourishment, time when you doing something for yourself. Together with a your favorite book to read or movie to watch this is also the time to rest and relax, enjoy some gentle exercise like yoga or pilates and get to know and pamper your body, your mind and your soul.


Our unique wholistic detoxification plan is a wonderful way to improve your health, your energy levels and to help you to look and feel healthier and younger again.


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Disclaimer: We would like to stress to our clients that our detoxification program is not a weight loss program. Even thought most of our client will experience a slight weight loss, the main aim of our plan is to cleanse the body. So you are not in for weeks of starvation but rather for weeks of enjoyment and experimenting with foods you might not normally pick up in your local supermarket. You are in for weeks of delicious nutritious foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty juices and fresh flavours.