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Informational websites

Vegetarian society

Vegetarian restaurants in Prague

Gluten free diet and celiacs

Weight management recipes

Food additives and chemicals

Food Nutrition Facts – great website for any nutrition information

Epicurious – great recipe website

Dirty dozen – Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

MindBodyGreen – website about wellness (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being)

Food Matters – website abou nutrition a natural health

Pollen situation in the Czech republic (czech only but easy to navigate)

Smog situation in the Czech republic (map)


Healthy Food Producers

Lifefood – 100% raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar products

ISWARI – raw and organic foods and superfoods, delicious morning porridges (czech only but easy to navigate)

SUNWARRIOR and VITALVIBE – vegan protein powders and superfoods

BIONEBIO – good eshop for healthy foods (in czech language only but easy to navigate)

FOODISH – grains, legumes, rice, cous cous etc (in czech but easy to navigate)

HRAŠKA – gluten free product, batter, soup thickener

TOPNATUR – soy, buckwheat, oat and coconut milk, egg replacement, goat milk etc.

BIOPEKÁRNA ZEMANKA – baked products and more, delicious, organic products

BIOFARMA SASOV – good quality organic meat and a little bit more

ŽITNÝ CHLÉB – handcraft bakery, rye bread and more (czech only but easy to navigate)

ADRO-EL – high quality cold pressed oils (czech only but easy to navigate)

Svět bedýnek – fresh farmers products delivery (czech only but easy to navigate)

Fresh bedýnky – fresh farmers products delivery

Dary Země – organic body and massage oils (czech only but easy to navigate)

Bio park s.r.o. – organic meat from the Czech republic (czech only but easy to navigate)